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About Whitney Logistics

Growing up in the trucking industry, Chris Whitney experienced industry challenges first hand. Frustrated by inefficiencies, dated practices and the lack of efficient systems, Chris wanted to pave the path for a better way. From the start, Whitney adopted new technologies that advanced our operations, allowing us to provide a new level of visibility, accountability, transparency and ultimately a better experience for everyone.

Our Mission

We are committed to raising the standard of service across the bulk transportation industry for our customers, drivers and material suppliers.

Our Values C.I.R.C.L.E

Whitney Logistics' values are represented by C.I.R.C.L.E.: Communication, Integrity, Responsibility, Contribution, Learning and Energy.

Meet Our Team

Heashot of Chris Whitney, Founder & CEO of Whitney Logistics

Chris Whitney

Founder & CEO
Headshot of Rick Whitney, the Whitney Logistics VP & COO

Rick Whitney

Vice President
Headshot of Jamie Whitney, Treasurer of Whitney Logistics

Jamie Whitney, CPA

Headshot of Brent Wengert, CFO & EOS Integrator at Whitney Logistics

Brent Wengert, CPA

CFO & EOS Integrator
Headshot of Adam Taylor, Director of Sales at Whitney Logistics

Adam Taylor

Vice President of Sales
Headshot of Will Harris, Operations Manager of Whitney Logistics

Will Harris

Director of Fulfillment

Danny Llerena

Corporate Controller
Headshot of Luis, a Whitney Logistics Team Member.

Luis Cruz

Manager of Field Operations
Headshot of Katy Guion, Senior Marketing & Engagement Manager of Whitney Logistics

Katy Brantley Guion

Senior Marketing Manager
Headshot of James Newman, General Manager of South Carolina at Whitney Logistics

James Newman

Southeast Regional Manager
Headshot of Cory Arbiso, Account Manager of Whitney Logistics

Cory Arbiso

General Manager, Tampa
Headshot of Brett Wengert, CFO & EOS Integrator of Whitney Logistics

Brett Bloomquist

Manager, Process

Brian Calfee

Senior Manager, Solutions
Headshot of Sunny Patel, Partnership Success Specialist

Sunny Patel

Partnership success specialist
Coming soon...

Steve Howard

General Manager, Texas
Coming soon...

Jamie Ritchie

Director of Talent

Our Culture

We asked the Whitney team to describe our company and here’s what we heard:

No Drama
Family First 
Open Door
No Judgement
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Join the Family

Want to change the industry with us? Whitney is looking for driven people who share our vision and want to grow with us!