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Eliminating Headaches for Drivers & Owners

At Whitney, we leverage an easy-to-use app to save our contracted drivers’ time and increase their capacity.

A screenshot of the trucking job details page of the Whitney Logistics app.

Know Your Rates

With electronic ticketing, drivers have access to the load history and rate history directly on their smartphones.

Minimize Empty Miles

Using optimized electronic dispatch, we save time for drivers by giving them optimized routes.

An example of what you'll find in the Dauber app when determining the optimal route for your next hauling job.
A preview of the job details and "accept job" command within Whitney's Dauber app.

Don’t Waste Time

Drivers no longer have to wait for a call from their dispatcher or keep track of dozens of paper tickets. With access to this information on their phones, they can spend more time on the road.

Owner-Operator Testimonials

"It’s important for me to be able to come home every day to my family, be safe on the road and overall have a productive day out on the field. Whitney just makes stuff really easy. If you have any questions about the job I can check the app or there are multiple people to ask. It’s is a good professional company to work for and it's well organized."
"Safety is number one for us. It has always been. Getting into this, we always talked about it from the get-go and we still uphold it today. It’s the most important thing for us. Whitney offers a certain peace of mind that you don't get at other companies. You know that your pay is going to be there, and your job and your work are going to be safe."
Owner, Owner-Operator Lead
"Whitney makes you feel like you're not a number that you're an actual person. I like working with the Whitney Team. They are friendly and easy to work with."
Owner- Operator

Join Our Fleet

Become a Partner Carrier:

Trucking companies who have their own USDOT#, qualifying insurance and operate one or multiple trucks can become Whitney Partner Carriers

Become an Owner-Operator:

Owner-operators who own one or multiple trucks and are interested in leasing their services to Whitney

Become a Driver:

Drivers looking to work for our Whitney Fleet