No one loves a truck like a kid - especially like a Whitney kid!

In late April, Whitney Logistics opened its doors to 30 kids of our employees, ages one to eleven for its first annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”

Take your kids to work day

“We are energized by the work we do and those we do it with,” said Founder and CEO, Chris Whitney.  “Our goal for Take Our Kids to Work Day, was to provide a truly memorable experience for our families while giving them the opportunity to learn more about their parent’s unique role and team, how they contribute each day and who we are, what we do and how we do it here at Whitney as we all work as one team to accomplish our mission of changing the industry and positively impacting our communities. We wanted our kids to feel connected to the company while having fun and “living” in their parent’s shoes for a day.”


As the children showed up with their parents, the excitement and energy was felt throughout the entire office. The first order of business was morning donuts with Chris, along with his wife Jamie and their two children, Hazel and Sam. They took some time to welcome the kids, talk about the company and pass out some cool Whitney hats!

Chris Whitney with kids

The most anticipated and talked about part of the day was a surprise visit from “Big Orange,” a beautiful Whitney-orange dump truck owned by our very own, Luis Cruz. The kids lined up and took turns sitting in the truck, honking the horn, and learning about safety around the truck.  

Kids lined up at the Whitney truck

The kids were then sent on a scavenger hunt where they were able to learn about the various departments that keep Whitney running. From the Accounting team explaining what they do in such a great and simple way, “we tell a story with numbers” to our Operations Manager, Will giving the entertaining visual of a loaded dump truck being the equivalent of 7 elephants, there was lots of fun and learning to be had! 

Child on a computer

After the kids hauled in all of their treats and goodies, we celebrated with a pizza party, a dance party with DJ Dump Trucks and ended the day with a Kona Shaved Ice Truck. 

Kids wearing Whitney hats

From beginning to end it was a truly special event. Watching parents, co-workers and their kids all interact together made it a truly special event and really showcased the collaborative, fun and family-first culture we have at Whitney. 

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