Communication. Integrity. Responsibility. Contribution. Learning. Energy.

To you, these may be buzzwords. But to members of the Whitney family, these are values that drive us each and every day. Our mission is to raise the standard of service across the bulk transportation industry for our customers, but this wouldn’t be possible without our company’s value C.I.R.C.L.E. and our team’s commitment to living them out.


Whitney Logistics' values are represented by C.I.R.C.L.E.: Communication, Integrity, Responsibility, Contribution, Learning and Energy.


For many team members, communication and contribution are two of the most practiced values at Whitney Transport. 


“We’re like family. Everybody fits in, everybody gets along…there’s no problems or gossip. I love the fact that everybody gets along,” says Yahaira, a Senior Accountant at Whitney. 


Whitney Logistics team members shaking hands.

When everyone works together, the entire team succeeds. “Teamwork plays a very important role here at Whitney Transport,” says Staff Accountant, Anna Panjabi.


For others, learning and responsibility are values that are seen in the office each and every day. 

Sunny Patel, the Partnership Success Coordinator, explains “You have the ability to kind of build your own future. You can choose what you want to do and grow at, and there’s not always a limitation on where you can help out or learn something new.”


Many team members note Whitney’s dedication to their long-term, personal success. 


  “Everyone here that I’ve worked with genuinely feels and acts like they want to help you,” says Bianca Grullon, the Risk Management & Office Coordinator. “They want to see you do well. They’re willing to invest their time in you, so it’s something that you want to be part of.”


Each and every day, members of the Whitney team are dedicated to not just knowing our values, but putting them into practice for our customers, drivers, key partners, and for each other.


“When we have company lunches or team gatherings, we really hone in on what we see in ourselves, and for the company, and what our overall mission is. Everyone is focused and wants to be a part of what the future is for the company,” says Bianca.


Our values C.I.R.C.L.E. is engrained in everything we do. Adam Taylor explains it’s what has helped us become “a fast-paced, forward-thinking team focused on raising the standard level of care for our employees, drivers and customers”.


Two Whitney Logistics team members smile and discuss job progress at a construction site.

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