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Meet Ledian Yera


Ledian first joined Whitney Transport as an owner-operator in January 2019. At the time of this interview, Ledian was driving his truck as one of our valued owner-operators. After experiencing our values come to life in our operations, he joined the team as a Logistics & Safe Operations Specialist. Ledian owns two trucks that remain a part of our fleet.


Whitney Transport employee - Ledian Yera
What do you like about working with Whitney Transport?

I like that they uphold their family values. It’s one big family here; the way we work and the way we communicate with each other. That’s what I enjoy the most.

What was the most important thing for you when you were looking to join a company?

The most important thing for me was finding a company that would keep me busy. I wanted to keep both my trucks on the road, have a good steady workflow, and for the company to have good values especially integrity.

What about the team do you like?

The people are very friendly. They treat each other like family. They all work very synergistically together.

What’s your favorite part of the day as a driver?

My favorite part of my day is driving. I always thought truck driving was like an office job but you know the view out of your window changes every couple of seconds. So that’s what I enjoy.

What do you like most about your experience at Whitney Transport?

The technology we use, how we have everything electronic. We’re trying to steer away from paperwork. We’re keeping things 2019!

“It’s one big family here; the way we work and the way we communicate with each other. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

Dauber app 'accept job' mockup
Tell me more about the technology.
On the app, customers and vendors track our trucks and track our loads: our routes, pick-up, and drop-off. They have visibility the whole way through. All our rates are on the app as well. When you get assigned to a load, you see your rate on there. You know what you’re going to make and you know how many loads you’re going to have that day. It gives you the ability to know what’s coming up. Before you would have to wait on a phone call and just sit there on the side of the road hoping somebody is thinking about you and is going to give you a load. Now it’s all automated. You go straight to your phone the night before and you know exactly what you’re doing the next day.
How does Whitney Transport approach safety?
Safety is number one for us. It has always been. At the start, we always talked about how safety was number one and that’s the way we uphold it today. It’s still the most important thing to us. I’m part of the Safety Committee and we meet once a month. We just got done with our second meeting. It’s been going very well! We have some good plans for the future.
Tell me more about the Safety Committee.
We talk about new systems we’re going try to get in place to prevent our safety scores from going up, specifically our CSA score and our asset score. It’s all very important to our industry to stay compliant with the DOT and for us to get everyone home safe.
What does Whitney Transport offer that other companies can’t?
Whitney Transport offers a certain peace of mind that you don’t get at other companies you know that your pay, job, and work is going be there.
What would you say to someone who is considering Whitney Transport but is still unsure?
I would say definitely make the move! I think Whitney is one of the better companies out here. There’s a lot of competition but we are doing a lot innovative of things to this industry and it’s going to take us a long way.  
A member of the Whitney team demonstrates various app features to an owner-operator.

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