Welcome back to our #WithWhitney Interview Series! We are interviewing our team, drivers, and customers to learn about their experience with Whitney Transport.

Meet Mike Kane

Kane is one of Whitney Transport’s customers and has been in the trucking business for eight years as a business developer for Florida Asphalt. We were able to chat with him about his experience working with Whitney and learn how our technology is changing the way he does his job for the better!



A group of Whitney team members discuss job logistics at a construction site.
What do you like about working with Whitney Transport?

I don’t have to worry about waiting on trucks anymore. I loved using the app because I can plan my day ahead of time. I can’t lose track of my trucks. Weather can be a big issue. If we’ve got weather coming now, I can look at the app to see where the trucks are. 

What about the team do you like?

The communication is good. They try not to make it too confusing talking to too many people. I personally haven’t a experienced a day where something went wrong.

What big changes have you seen while working with Whitney Transport?

Mostly the technology and the app. I’m electronically challenged. The laptop is a big challenge for me. It’s like I’m learning all over again. I used to do everything on notepads and I still do. But it’s pretty unreliable and communication is the key in any job. The electronic communication helps with that. 

What do you like most about your experience with Whitney Transport?

Personally, I love coming to work every day and I enjoy the team that I work with. I’ve been doing this since I graduated high school; in the role I’m in now, it’s been less stressful because of Whitney Transport.

“The app is phenomenal. It helps me do a better job because I’m already prepared for tomorrow.”

 How has the technology helped you on the job?

The app is phenomenal! It helps me do a better job because I’m already prepared for tomorrow.I know where everybody is, and I don’t have to get nervous about losing a truck. There’s been instances where a truck will leave my job and think it was time to go home. I’ll be sitting there waiting and he’s half way home and I have no material; that doesn’t happen anymore.

Tell me more about the technology.

It helps me actually track the trucks, I know the truck numbers I have. I get on the app and I know exactly where they are if they’re on the way to the plant. It takes a lot of stress off of me because I know where all the trucks are at all times.

What does Whitney Transport offer that other companies can’t?

Whitney Transport is elevating the level of service across this industry. I would have to say again, I’ve been managing the paving and the trucks for the last eight years and they’re the absolutely the most reliable.


One of Whitney's dump trucks getting filled with gravel for an upcoming hauling job.

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