#WithWhitney Interview Series: Team Member, Adam Taylor

A Whitney Logistics employee takes a few notes about an upcoming hauling job.

 As we continue our #WithWhitney Interview Series, we learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at Whitney. Whitney Transport faces the challenges and inefficiencies of the trucking industry head-on to elevate the experience for customers, drivers and team members. Our commitment to people, innovation and integrity continues to set the bar higher and advance the standards in the trucking industry.


Meet Adam Taylor

Our team at Whitney is made up of some of the most innovative minds in the trucking industry. We had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Taylor, Director of Sales and Construction Services, to learn more about his experience and takeaways from working at Whitney Transport.

Two Whitney Logistics team members smile and discuss job progress at a construction site.

What were you looking for when you were considering joining Whitney Transport? 

I’m originally from Tampa and I was looking forward to moving back. I’ve had a long relationship with Chris Whitney both personally and professionally, and I wanted to get the experience of working for a smaller organization. I was previously a part of corporate America and was ready to go through a shift and change in company size and culture. 


What was most important to you during the interview process?

It was really important for me to understand the long-term vision of the company through the interview process. When I signed on with Chris, the company was less than a year old. We had to ask ourselves questions like, “How do we continue to make the business durable in its infancy?” and “How do we create a long-lasting workplace that is conducive to both personal and professional growth?


What do you enjoy most about working at Whitney?

I really enjoy the variety of work and the fast-paced environment at Whitney. I’m in a versatile role where I can be both in the field and in the office with customers and clients. I enjoy working at Whitney, because every week we’re evolving and developing new processes, and adding new people. We even give back to the community regularly, through our partnership with Meals on Wheels of Tampa Bay, which is important to me. I enjoy the overall tempo and I see a lot of growth potential for the organization.



Two Whitney Logistics team members volunteering for Meals on Wheels Tampa Bay

How would you describe the company culture?

I think our company culture at Whitney is fun and lighthearted. We’re developing an environment that is centered around learning, personal and professional growth, as well as accountability. Accountability is evolving in the organization. We are being held accountable not only peer-to-peer but also internally and personally. We are learning how to hold each other accountable and helping each other move in the same direction to achieve the same goals.


What do you like most about working in the trucking industry?

We have a really diverse group of people working at the Whitney in Tampa. We have six or seven different nationalities employed with us, so there are diverse cultures and backgrounds. I am a people person. I love understanding and learning more about different people and their cultures. It’s been a lot of fun working with different backgrounds in the trucking industry and finding so many similarities.


What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

A challenge I face in my role is that there are so many different opportunities and channels that Whitney can take as an organization. Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down and find the perfect path for the business.


As you’re looking to expand the Whitney sales team, what are you most excited about?

 I’ve been in sales leadership for the last seven years of my career, and it has been a lot of fun. I find it to be a rewarding role within any organization. There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than having the opportunity to lead a sales team and help individuals achieve their personal and enterprise goals. I’m looking forward to working hand in hand with the new employees and associates.


What types of behaviors or qualities are encouraged at Whitney?

We want the people on our team to be fun, hardworking, and open-minded. The team at Whitney exudes our core values of communication, integrity, responsibility, contribution, learning, and energy. We want everyone at Whitney to show love and respect towards one another and themselves. 


Describe Whitney in one word.


“There are very few organizations in the trucking industry, like Whitney, that are keenly focused on each individual and the strengths they bring to the table.”

Out of Whitney’s C.I.R.C.L.E. values, which is your favorite, and why?

Energy. I am a high-energy guy and I like to bring that positive energy and good vibes to the team. I think anything can be achieved with a good attitude.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at Whitney?

Coming from a more corporate setting, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is understanding how a small business can run, operate, and be equally as efficient and sophisticated as a larger, well-established organization. Working at Whitney has taught me a lot about running and operating a small business. Whitney has taught me how to create an environment that is similar, if not better than some of the larger businesses in the trucking industry.


How does Whitney support your career growth?

At Whitney, we have quarterly check-ins with the individual leaders in each department. Chris has created an environment within Whitney Transport where employees are always welcome to openly discuss their career opportunities. The sky’s the limit at Whitney. Every day our business evolves and we will continue to strive to create a work environment that attracts, retains, and motivates our employees. 

How does Whitney have fun in the office?

It’s the little things. At Whitney, we want a positive and encouraging atmosphere at all times, so we always have music playing in the office. Even now as everyone is working remotely, we have virtual weekly check-ins as a company and daily check-ins with other team members and leaders throughout the workday. We utilize welfare checks to keep tabs on all of our associates and see if there is anywhere we can recalibrate to work better together. 


What would you say to someone interested in joining Whitney?

If you are interested in joining an organization that emphasizes learning, growing, and evolving both personally and professionally, then Whitney is the place to be. There are very few organizations in the trucking industry that are keenly focused on each individual and the strengths they bring to the table. Whitney is a fast-paced organization that is focused on growth through people, processes, and technology. If anyone is interested in doing that, there’s no better place to do that than at Whitney Transport.



A Whitney Logistics team member takes note while running a safety audit on at a job site.